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Nigel and Jo’s “Rustina”

Good friends of ours Nigel and Jo had put endless hours into designing exactly what they wanted for the soon to be built interior of their sweet 65 Split bus.

Richard Booth was charged with handling the cabinetry element of proceedings then it was over to Kens Customs to get busy on upholstery and trim.
First we made and hung a bespoke wool cloth headliner to set a class backdrop for what was to follow.
The guys selected 5 hides of the finest quality aniline leather in Nutmeg paired perfectly with Belvedere Dill woven fabric.

Whilst that was taking place Jo and Nigel expertly made up a pair of solid copper acid etched plaques (the detail in these is nothing short of amazing) for us to set about mounting in the cargo door cards. In typical ‘Nigel’ detail he even supplied the copper nails to embellish the etchings with!

Hours and detail in abundance on this one with no skiming on the quality of material selection. Bravo!!

Headliner Beige Wool
Flooring Altro Sage
Upholstery Selvagio Nutmeg/ Belvedere Dill
Carpet German square weave Biscuit


Unit 1A Chestnut Farm
Ashby Road
DE12 6DP

Tel: 01530 560662
Email: info@kenscustoms.co.uk

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