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  • kens customs beetle auto upholstery
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  • beetle-rear
  • beetle-above-rear

52 Zwitter

After owning the car since 2004 Paul and Mark Stephens decided their 1952 split window beetle was in need of a little tlc. Fast forward another 2 years to 2019 and the only thing left on the list to do was the interior. Having sourced the original seat material, a set of Pre made door…

  • kens-customs-splitvan-aircooled
  • kens customs vw split bus interior
  • kens-customs-aircooled-splitvan
  • kenscustoms-splitvan-upholstery
  • kens-customs-splitvan-front
  • kens-customs-aircooled-van
  • kens-customs-splitvan-vw
  • kens-customs-splitvan-aircooledvw
  • vw-kens-customs-upholstery
  • kenscustoms_upholstery
  • kenscustoms_vw_upholstery
  • kenscustoms-vw_upholstery
  • kenscustoms-vw-upholstery
  • kens-customs-splitvan-upholstery
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  • vw-kenscustoms-richardbooth
  • vw kens customs richard booth design
  • vw kens customs
  • vw kens customs richard booth design
  • kens-customs-aircooledvan
  • kens customs vw interiors

60 Mango

Bags of Vintage Cool with a hint of Sophistication… This incredible Split Bus owned by Karl and Emma Fennell came in to us with the view to creating a practical interior with bags of vintage cool and a hint of sophistication! With this being a popular Bus in the Aircooled Volkswagen scene we set ourselves…

  • kens_customs-upholstery
  • kenscustoms-VW_Rustina
  • kenscustoms-VW-autoupholstery
  • kenscustoms-VW-carpets
  • kenscustoms-VW-doorcards
  • kenscustoms-VW-patina
  • kenscustoms-VW-Rustina
  • kenscustoms-VW-upholstery
  • kenscustomsAuto_upholstery
  • kenscustomsVWupholstery
  • vw split bus kens customs
  • vw split bus kens customs upholstery
  • vw split bus kens customs upholstery
  • kenscustoms-upholstery-sam
  • kenscustoms-headliner
  • kens customs auto upholstery
  • kens-customs-upholstery
  • kens-customsautoupholstery
  • kenscustoms_auto_upholstery
  • kenscustoms_VW_upholstery
  • kenscustoms-65_Splitbus
  • vw split bus kens customs upholstery
  • kenscustoms-65Split-bus
  • vw split bus kens customs upholstery
  • kenscustoms-autoupholstery
  • vw split bus kens customs
  • kens_customs_upholstery

Nigel and Jo’s “Rustina”

Good friends of ours Nigel and Jo had put endless hours into designing exactly what they wanted for the soon to be built interior of their sweet 65 Split bus. Richard Booth was charged with handling the cabinetry element of proceedings then it was over to Kens Customs to get busy on upholstery and trim….

  • kens-customs-t2-1
  • kens_customs-autoupholstery
  • kenscustomsautoupholstery
  • kens_customs_autoupholstery
  • kens-customs-autoupholstery
  • kenscustoms-autoupholstery
  • kens-customsautoupholstery
  • autoupholstery-kenscustoms
  • kens-customs-auto-upholstery
  • kens_customsautoupholstery
  • kens_customs_auto_upholstery
  • auto_upholstery_kenscustoms
  • autoupholsterykens-customs
  • autoupholsterykenscustoms
  • autoupholstery-kens-customs

Charterhouse Display Bus

We were elated to have been commissioned by Charterhouse Holdings PLC to undertake the building of the interior for their new display bus. After initial consultation with Marketing Director (and self confessed car nut) Ryan Hornbuckle where he laid down the brief and let us roll with a few ideas of our own, he left…

  • front-seats
  • chevy-front
  • back-seat
  • back
  • bonnet-badge
  • chevvy-portrait
  • door-shut
  • doorcard
  • fabric
  • fisher-badge
  • fleetline
  • Chevyashtray
  • front-dash-2
  • front-dash
  • front-quarter
  • window-winder
  • headliner
  • hood-catch
  • ns-front-floor
  • os-front-floor
  • sam
  • seat-detail
  • side
  • seats
  • chesterfield
  • thecrew

48 Chevy Fleetline Aerosedan

The 48 Chevy Fleetline Aerosedan, 3 weeks solid work in this one but what a transformation.

  • kens-customs-red-leather-porscheseats
  • kens-customs-redleather-porscheseats
  • kenscustoms-red-leather-porscheseats
  • kenscustoms-redleather


A sneak preview of a very special Volksworld show project we have in right now. These Porsche 911 seats are destined for a tricked up VW Bug with a very special bespoke interior. The leather has been specially selected for its luxurious soft handle and has a subtle two tone effect. Featuring perforated center panels…

  • kens customs auto upholstery
  • kens-customs-split-bus
  • kens-customs-custominterior
  • kens-customs-customheadliner
  • kens-customs-custom-trimmings
  • kens-customs-custom-interior
  • kens-customs-custom-bed
  • kens-customs-custom_interior
  • kenscustoms-custominterior
  • kens-customs-custom-headliner


Tom Smith had been rolling his tidy 64 for a few years but deep down he was itching to give it a makeover. When the time came he had already carefully considered every aspect from paint colour to choice of wheel rim. The bus was in pretty good shape, any required metalwork Tom took care…

  • kens-customs-bay-interior
  • kens-customs-bay-trimming
  • kens-customs-vw-interior
  • kens-customs-bay-front
  • kens-customs-bay-backseats


We were approached by self confessed bus nut Andrew Oliver to spruce up the interior of his newly acquired Early Bay. The bus was still wearing its original coat of factory paint and Andy wanted something sleek yet understated inside to contrast with the OG exterior. Andy’s parting words when he left his pride and…

  • kens customs early vw bay auto upholstery
  • earlybay-kenscustoms-autoupholstery
  • kens-customs-earlybay-auto-upholstery
  • kens-customs-earlybay-autoupholstery
  • kenscustoms-early-bay-auto-upholstery
  • kenscustoms-earlybay-auto-upholstery
  • kenscustoms-earlybay-autoupholstery
  • kenscustoms-earlybayautoupholstery
  • kens-customs-auto-upholstery


Aussie import, owned and restored by Rachael and Dai Smith. Dai operates Dai’s-v-Dubs in Raglan and wanted a stunner to showcase his metal bashing and restoration skills. When it came to the interior trim, it was a no brainer it had to go to Kens. OG spec perforated vinyl headliner, full set custom stitched door…

  • kens-customs-cactus_pete
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-interior
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-seat-covering
  • kens_customs-interior-trimming-cactus-pete
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-interior-side
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-headliner
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-interior-doorcard
  • kens_customs_interior-trimming-cactus-pete
  • kens-customs
  • kens-customs-interior-trimming-cactus-pete
  • kens-customs-cactus-pete-yard


Originally bought and commissioned in Nevada by the famous casino Cactus Pete as a shuttle bus for VIP customers back in 1962. #KensCustoms #edmonds_auto_refinishing Top notch luxurious tweed and faux leather upholstery complimented with a full wool cloth headliner. We’re proper chuffed with this one…

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